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Carving Wood & Cork Decoys

Feb 07, 2011 06:36PM ● By Anonymous
The class is open to students age 11 years to adult.  Students will learn to carve a cork decoy body, a wooden head and tail, and how to assemble for painting.

Decoys are nearly as iconic to Maryland as the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.  In fact, the history of decoy carving in Maryland dates back to the early 1800’s when waterfowl hunters carved likenesses used to lure the birds to them for landing.  This was not a hobby in those days, but instead a necessary hunting element.  They were mostly primitive in style and carved from found materials such as ship’s ballast.  Those who had the skill and enjoyed carving would go into business carving decoys for others. In the early 1900’s decoys began to be machine made and marketed to hunters and collectors.  Today, carving decoys has become a popular hobby for carvers and bird lovers alike.

Mr. Rohe has been a carver for the past 20 years.  Living on the shore has provided a natural setting for enjoying the beauty of wild life which led to his carving of ducks, birds, and other animals.  Currently Tom splits his interests with watercolor, sculpting and drawing.  His work has been exhibited at various water fowl festivals and shows throughout Maryland.  He is a member of the Kent Island Carvers and the Anne Arundel Carvers.