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I told myself I wouldn’t cry …

Feb 08, 2011 09:33AM ● By Anonymous

Last night, right around 6:30 p.m., I found myself at No Place: the shoreside home of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Maryland. The walls were hung with black and gold, the venerable golden kielbasa was on display, the Lombardi Trophy victory cake was ready to be cut, and for good luck Lefty (a kind of strange plush puppet) and the Steelers lawn gnomes were sitting on the head table. Yet, even with all of the preparation, my team came up just a little bit short. Here I sit with a broken heart, and just a week before Valentine’s Day.

I decided not to cry, or to bury my sorrows in Ben and Jerry’s, but instead turn to the city that I love for some well deserved cheering up. I was able to find just what I needed: a few laughs. Luckily, the Knights of Columbus is putting on a show called My Funny Valentine, Too, this upcoming Saturday. The show will have three professional comedians – providing a perfect way to brighten up a dark week, for me anyway, and it’s right here in Naptown.