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We have Bakon Vodka. Now what do we do with it?

Feb 08, 2011 05:09PM ● Published by Anonymous

Well, when a bottle of vodka shows up at the office on a Friday afternoon, what else can you do with except pass it around the editorial side of the office and give it a try? (For anyone who is actually concerned that we here at What's Up? are producing this magazine whilst tipsy on vodka, rest assured that the samples were quite small.)

The results of the initial taste test:
Me, Food Editor: Wow, that stuff is salty.
James, Managing Editor: Yeah, I can definitely taste the bacon in that.
Elyse, Contributing Arts Editor: That was pretty potent.

So, after the initial taste time, it was time to take it home and figure out what to do with it. The smart PR folk at Bakon understand that one might wonder what to mix the spirit with, so they sent along two small cans of tomato juice and Bloody Mary seasoning along with the bottle. However, Bloody Marys are for Sunday brunches, and it was a Saturday night, so we had to turn to the small booklet of recipes they also sent. There was one recipe we could make: The Waffle Shot.

The waffle shot consists of just two ingredients: Bakon Vodka and Pinnacle Whipped. Apparently, it was created by Nathan Morrow and Jina Hall at Dionysus Restaurant & Lounge in Baltimore. Uh, thanks, guys for bringing this concoction into our lives. Not really sure what got into you with this one. But it's supposed to taste like breakfast in a shot glass—just what everyone needs on a Saturday night, right?

You see that nervous grin on my face? I was worried about this.

So...what's the verdict? Well—it tastes like breakfast in a glass ... like if you mixed the whipped cream that comes on a waffle with a bite of the bacon on the side. What can I say? It's an experience. What's next in flavored vodka? Well, I just heard yesterday there's a horseradish flavor ... and I thought I was scared of bacon!

Check out the April issue of What's Up? Annapolis, where I delve into the flavored vodka industry and how it's grown since the first flavor was introduced in 1986.

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