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A Little Love for Crofton Restaurants

Feb 10, 2011 05:26PM ● By Anonymous

For disclosure's sake, neither of these restaurants likely even know I exist. I visited Fin's on Saturday night with my fiance because I had bought a Groupon for the restaurant the week before, and Camtin Cafe has become my go-to spot for weekday breakfasts. I can't comprehensively review either of these restaurants because I've only been to Fin's once, and I've only eaten one thing on Camtin's menu ... but the food I've had has been so delicious that I felt they deserved a shout-out.

At Fin's, we had a Groupon for $35, so we didn't want to go too much over that. I started the meal with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, while my fiance tried their "Perfect 10" martini, which is essentially a dirty gin martini (however, it mixed superbly). We decided to split the sushi sampler and the luau pasta, and both of them were really, really good. The sampler came out first and featured a whole bunch of fresh sashimi and sushi rolls. We've tried a few other sushi places in Crofton, and we declared that we had found our new regular sushi place. The luau pasta was super-rich, but delicious—it was like a fettuccine Alfredo, except it used coconut milk in the Alfredo sauce. Because I am a lover of all things coconut, I wondered why I had never tried this before. The dish was topped with fresh spinach, jumbo shrimp, and crab meat, and served with garlic bread.

As for Camtin Cafe—I stop in here about once a week for their low-cal breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee. I first tried it out when I was dismayed at the long line for the Dunkin Donuts that's right next door and thought I should instead buy local. So what's so great about a low-cal breakfast burrito? Well, the truth of the matter is, I don't even like breakfast burritos. Something about the mixture of egg and tortillas has just never sat well—until I came to Camtin Cafe. Now I can't get enough of this particular breakfast dish, which is a mixture of egg whites, cheese, Canadian bacon, onions, and peppers, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla and served with a side of salsa. The man behind the counter—I'm assuming he's the owner, I've never caught his name—is so nice and now recognizes me and starts working on the burrito as soon as I walk through the door.

So that's it. If you ever find yourself in Crofton and in need of a quick breakfast or a delicious dinner, you have my two recommendations. Now it's your turn to tell me—what is your favorite dish or restaurant outside Annapolis city limits?