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Dance, Dance Revolution

Feb 10, 2011 10:52PM ● By Anonymous

Why go to a boring fitness class when you can go to a salsa party? That’s the idea behind Zumba, the mega-popular fitness class that combines upbeat Latin music with an aerobic version of dance. Well, why go to a regular Zumba class when you can go to a Zumba party? And how about raising money for the American Heart Association at the same time? That’s the idea behind the Zumbathon taking place at the General Fretterd Building in Denton this Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m.

And whose idea was this Zumbathon? It came from the mind of Linda Socks, whom I spoke with yesterday. Socks, who teaches Zumba in the Dark, is more than excited to be hosting this event. She said, “No one has done an event like this on the Eastern Shore ... especially in Denton.” She got the idea to set up a Zumbathon because she has always wanted to do a fundraiser for a health related cause, since she suffers from a chronic medical condition herself.

She also has a passion for event planning. “When I lived in Connecticut, I was the catering director for the Holiday Inn and organized all sorts of events ...which I loved. When I moved here, the same opportunity was not available, so I decided to do an event on my own,” she added.

To put everything together, Socks got the go-ahead from Zumba, LLC, worked to recruit eight Zumba instructors from all around the Bay, collected 12 door prizes and procured items and supplies for two separate raffles. Sounds exhausting, and she hasn’t even started the music yet.

She reminds everyone who shows up to get their dance on, whether it’s for five minutes or for the entire two hours, that they should wear red to support the cause. In fact, the person with the wildest red outfit will win a prize. So it doesn’t pay to be conservative.

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