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One Day Die

Feb 14, 2011 07:11PM ● By Anonymous

The face looks innocent and sweet, when you look at a photograph of 25 year old songwriter and composer Matt Duke, but when you start listening to the songs that Matt Duke writes and performs you realize he not as innocent as he may appear. Duke, who is not about to release his second Ryko album. “One Day Die,” sings about the absurdity of life, the frustration of romantic relationships, loneliness, and elation—all in a pleasing tenor voice.   Hailing from South New Jersey, Duke started playing the piano at age seven and recorded his first demo CD in 2004 at age 18.  He already has four albums to his credit. Kingdom Underground, Winter Child, Acoustic Kingdom Underground EP, and XYZ.

“One Day Die” is slated for release the last week in March.

In advance of this new albums release, Duke will be performing locally on Friday March 4th at Ram’s Head On Stage in Annapolis opening for Vienna Teng and Alex Wong.

I’m hoping to hear some of my favorites— “Needle and Thread “and “Shangri-La” from this latest album, In “Needle and Thread” Duke captures the pounding rhythm of life on the road as he sees himself as a prodigal son who had gone astray living on a fast food diet. “For now the waking world can wait” sings Duke as he reflects on the immediate future ahead.  In Shangri-La Duke wonders does any such paradise exist? My very favorite song on this CD, because it has such lovely harmony, is “Love You Anymore” sung with Cara Salimando. The tune is both sad and bittersweet as lovers admit their love for one another is no longer heartfelt.

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