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Newest health food: Eggs

Feb 23, 2011 11:03PM ● By Anonymous

We love eggs around here. We love to eat them, cook them, read and write about them—in fact, we can ’t get enough of them. So it’s a good thing that the latest research finds lots of good things to say about the humble egg.

Turns out, eggs are 14 percent lower in cholesterol that previously thought. And they are 64 percent higher in vitamin D—the latest darling of dietitians and not easy to find in things other than sunshine. There’s even something in eggs called “choline” (a nutrient cousin of the B vitamin family) that has been linked to reduced levels of inflammation in our bodies. Most of us don’t get enough of this stuff so the 25 percent of our daily requirement found in just one egg could be seriously beneficial.

The trick with keeping eggs healthy, however, is in what we eat, or don’t eat, with them. Two fried eggs with a rasher of bacon, three slices of white toast, and a short stack on the side is not the way to go. Invest in an egg poacher and serve those eggs with fresh fruit and whole grain bread with organic honey. Whip up an asparagus omelet for dinner and serve with a small salad and a well-chilled white Zinfandel. Or simply hard-boil some eggs ahead of time and slice them up in a salad with some leftover chicken and enjoy an easy-peasy healthy meal. (Of course you can still have the wine.)