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Feb 25, 2011 06:15PM ● By Anonymous

I initially purchased RSVP's Maison (pictured above) for a great price of $55 -- after much hemming and hawing over other options, most of which turned out not to be available in my size. Like these. And these. I was even willing to try out silver shoes, much to some people's dismay, but once again -- nothing in my size (like these.)

What's my obsession with Zappo's, you might ask? Free shipping! Both ways! And, if you screw up, and have it sent to the wrong address (say, one in Salisbury, Maryland, where a former editor used to live...), Zappo's will intercept the package for free, have it sent to the right place, and upgrade you to VIP status -- give you free overnight shipping FOREVER.

And it's a good thing, because when I finally choose Maison and had it shipped to me, I knew instantly they just weren't going to work. The shoe has a 4-inch heel, plus a one-inch platform. Theoretically, that one-inch platform should make the 4-inch heel easier to walk in.

It didn't. Back they go.

Then I headed to Arundel Mills Mall with a goal: I WOULD find wedding shoes that day, if it was the last thing I did. And I found not just one, but two pairs.

(Cell phone pics aren't exactly doing it justice)

One was red, just like I planned. It wasn't as dark of a red as I might like, but no one is going to be holding the shoe against the bridesmaid dresses and yelling, "SEE? SEE WHAT I TOLD YOU? IT'S NOT THE SAME SHADE!!" I tried it out on Saturday night when I attended the Anne Arundel Arts Council's Mardi Gras gala, and while my feet hurt after about 4 hours, I was pretty confident I could manage them.

However, I first saw a pair of silver glitter heels and fell in love with them. I have a friend with similar shoes, but hers have a platform on them, which I don't like as much. These are just the right balance of sass and fun.

I haven't really decided 100 percent which ones I'm going to wear on the wedding day, but I'm thinking the red ones will work for the wedding and the silver ones will be relegated to the bachelorette party two days before.

I can't help it. I'm just in love with them. We'll see which ones I actually end up wearing the day of the wedding!