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Sea Bass Annapolitan by Federal House Bar & Grille

Feb 28, 2011 10:07PM ● By Ashley West

The dish is very easy to make, combines rich ‘n’ tasty ingredients, and will have your dinner party leaving with Cheshire grins. Chilean sea bass is the leading actor with Maryland blue crab co-starring, and beurre blanc (lemon butter sauce) marries the two. It’s simply divine.


What’s Up Annapolis?: Chef, what flavor notes are most appealing about this dish?


Chef Randall Ballard: The mild flavor of the sea bass allows you to enjoy the taste of the crabmeat and butter sauce.


WUA: Are there any special cooking techniques or cookware needed to prepare this dish?


RB: Actually no. The sea bass can be prepared grilled, poached, or baked. The fish remains moist and flaky.


WUA: What’s the key to its preparation?


RB: The butter sauce must be made fresh and don’t overcook the crabmeat.


WUA: What side dish would you recommend pairing with this recipe?


RB: A rice pilaf is perfect, as well as asparagus.


WUA: How about a wine that complements the dish?


RB: A chardonnay would pair well, but enjoy the beverage of your choice!


WUA: What do you enjoy most about cooking at Federal House?


RB: My staff and customers. Having customers comment about how good their meal was and coming back. Being able to serve a quality product at a reasonable price.


WUA: What trends in the restaurant industry are you seeing at the local level?


RB: Casual food that’s not overpriced.