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Eastern Shore Recipes | Thai Noodles and Salmon

Feb 28, 2011 11:47PM ● By Anonymous

A British term coined to describe seemingly traditional pubs that aspire to a higher standard of pub fare, “gastropub” also connotes a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere that boasts an extensive list of wines and spirits. Put simply, it’s a place where everyone knows your name and you can get a memorable plate of food. Naming the restaurant after her husband, Yost says British gastropubs provided the fundamental inspiration for Rupert’s, even if the word doesn’t appear on its awning. Dressed in antique wall hangings and furniture from Yost’s nearby antique store, London, the interior of Rupert’s makes good on its owner’s aim of comfort and class. The decorations are as eclectic as the menu, the latter ranging from chicken tagine to chicken pot pie, the former from portraits of Yost’s husband’s ancestors to framed back issues of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. Fresh off the restaurant’s opening weekend, Yost showed us how to prepare one of her favorite dishes.

How did your culinary career begin?
I learned at the knee of my Austrian grandmother. She owned a German restaurant in Philadelphia called—imaginatively enough—Yost’s Restaurant, which she owned for 47 years. She served good, simple food and was a jolly, hospitable woman. From her I learned the relationship between good food and hospitality. I’m actually the fourth generation of the Yost family to be in the hospitality business.

Describe your culinary influences.
London has phenomenal food these days. Living there had a huge influence on me. My husband is English and we lived in a flat in Chelsea where most foods from around the world were just a short walk away. Thai, Lebanese, Italian, French, Japanese, Indian, Peruvian, and even Mongolian foods were right around the corner.

How did you come to open this restaurant?
I opened Rupert’s to recreate the ambiance in setting and diversity in food that I enjoyed in London. Our locals around St. Michaels are a discerning lot, and I thought that they would appreciate a comfortable, clubby, and interesting place to eat comfortable and interesting food. Simple as that. Oh yeah, and I thought they’d like a place in which they could enjoy high quality wines and spirits. And last but not least, especially these days, I wanted to keep it sensibly priced.

What do you like most about owning this restaurant?
When people come in looking miserable and grumpy and they leave smiling and happy. 

Name of dish:
Thai Noodles with Salmon

What makes this dish special to you?
It’s great to make for entertaining. People love it. It’s universal. It can be served hot or cold, for lunch or for dinner, during any season, and it’s super easy to make.

How difficult is this dish to prepare at home?


Is there a particular wine/drink that goes well with this dish?

A bright clean cold white like pinot grigio is very refreshing with this dish.