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Annapolis' community garden

Mar 03, 2011 09:02PM ● By Anonymous

I had never heard of this organization until I ran into a Facebook posting about applications. Intrigued by the idea of a community garden, I looked up the website and gave them a call. Executive Director Joel Bunker and I had a chat about the garden's past, present, and future.

Community gardens are great for people like me -- I currently live in an apartment, I'm about to move into a townhome, and I just don't have anywhere other than a pot on my windowsill to grow plants. Other than basil, there's not much I can grow. Annapolis Grows recognizes this need people have, plus the benefits of teaching the community about the importance of growing your own healthy food. Around 20 people had a plot at the community garden last year, and there is room for a few more this year. Last year, participants grew peppers, watermelons, tomatoes, and greens.

Right now, the organization is in talks with the city to open a second community garden off Bywater Road, where there will be more than 50 plots for gardeners. While the garden won't be open this year, it will hopefully be ready to plant in spring 2012.

If you don't know much about gardening, that's OK (no one will judge you, I have a black thumb myself). The more advanced gardeners in the group help out those who don't know much about planting. "Some of the beauty of the community garden is that you’re gardening next to your neighbor. Knowledge is shared," Bunker says.

A work party and orientation will be held on April 2. Applications are due, along with $40, by March 15.  Fill out an application for a plot here. Happy gardening!