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Matt Duke, Vienna Teng, and Alex Wong Perform at Rams Head OnStage

Mar 07, 2011 07:47PM ● By Anonymous

Each of the three artists has several CD recordings under their belt and a strong following of fans, but while a recording can use technology to capture the facsimile of perfection, there is nothing  quite like a live performance. The energy and interaction between the listeners and performers brings a strong energy and spontaneity that kept the audience calling out for just one more encore.

Matt Duke opened the show, sharing several new songs from his newly released CD “Someday Die” Hailing from Philadelphia, this was Duke’s first visit to Annapolis. Traveling on the interstate, often living from a suitcase, he conveyed the pounding rhythm of the road and angst of traveling to new places in another of his new songs, “Needle and Thread.” His powerful lyrics, soulful voice, and masterful strumming on his guitar are quite a contrast to his bashful stage presence.  Don’t forget to buy one of Matt’s new CDs, Teng and Wong reminded the audience as they took over the stage.

Both classically trained musicians, Vienna Teng and Alex Wong first crossed paths in 2002, and recorded an album together, “Inland Territory” in April of 2009.   Both have recorded a number of albums and Wong has also pursued a career as a record producer while Teng, a computer science graduate from Stanford is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Michigan in Anne Arbor. But during her break she can’t stay away from the performing life. Her fingers seem to effortlessly caress the keyboard as she sang many of the audience’s favorite including “Blue Caravan.” Wong, the percussionist added an interesting twist by asking the audience to shake their car keys adding a tinkling sound to each refrain. In another “experiment” the two musicians used the vibration of water in a wine glass to accompany a song, recently composed.

The final song of the evening, the third encore was “in the Creases”, a song Alex Wong wrote with Amber Rubarth. Matt Duke rejoined the duo to play the glockenspiel while Wong borrowed his guitar to play the accompaniment and Teng sang harmony. It was a lovely ending to a fine musical evening.