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Andrew and Claire's Prom Memories

Mar 07, 2011 10:55PM ● By Anonymous

Prom Traditions and Memories

What’s Up? Magazine asked several adults for their prom memories.  Here are some of their comments.


Andrew Mertz, a regional youth and young adult program director for his church, attended a Junior and Senior prom, in the spring of 1998 in Woodstock, Virginia.  Voting for the prom king and queen had taken place the week before and the results were announced in school.  Andrew wore a tuxedo he borrowed from his father, his date dressed in a black and white dress.  Before the prom, Andrew, his date and another couple headed out to a fancy dinner.  Afterwards, they changed into their prom clothes and went to the prom.  When the prom ended, they “attended the after prom party organized at the high school, which consisted of carnival type games, moon bounce, and other active games.  I think I sang karaoke.”

The two teens also had Andrew’s safety in mind.  “Because we were in a rural area, after I took my date home, I spent the night at her parents’ place as a guest instead of driving home tired.  This was pre-arranged.”

Claire Kelly
, assistant director of the Arnold Senior Activity Center, said,

“Yes, I went to two junior proms and a senior prom.  In 1975 I went to a junior prom at my high school, Perkiomen Valley, Trappe PA. and to my friends’ prom at Methacton High School in Eagleville, PA.” Claire arranged it so the girls and the guys paired up to go to the two proms together, “so we all had a ‘date’ with a friend.  Half of us went to one school, and the other half were from the other school.  We all got to meet at the prom and sit together.  We each were then able to go to the proms at both high schools.”

“We all wore long gowns,” Claire said.  “The tradition was to have the classic prom photo taken at the prom with your date.  We did not have a pre-prom activity since there was a meal at the prom.  My date, Al, picked me up at my home and drove me home after.  He came in and met my parents before we went out.  I think we gathered and took photos at someone’s house before all going to the prom.  I remember my date was so nervous to ask me out and he seemed so nervous meeting my dad.  It was all very sweet.”

The senior prom was in 1976.  A senior at Perkiomen Valley High, her date that year was a high school graduate who lived about 90-minutes away in New Jersey.  “He picked me up at my home and we went to the prom.  We sat with my friends and went to a small party after at the home of one of my friends.  We did not stay long, then he took me home.”

Claire said:  “The guys wore tuxes and the girls wore long gowns.  There were no organized events before or after.  It sounds boring but it was all a lot of clean, harmless fun.  They are fond memories.”