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"Periphery," the latest from Bob Sima

Mar 18, 2011 04:41PM ● By Anonymous

Annapolis musician Bob Sima has been making music for several years, writing songs and recording CDs that feature his pleasant tenor voice often harmonizing with some of the other members of his performing ensemble. Listen closely and you will hear a mandolin, cello, banjo, trumpet, tuba and more in his latest album, “Periphery.” The title song conveys the essence of Sima’s outlook on life.  He begins by singing:

“The best days are not planned. Spontaneous, hand in hand, real smiles that sneak up.. “

and the chorus rejoins

“You can build your life on what  tomorrow brings

and complicate the simplest things

And never see what is in the periphery.”

“You can’t go through life with blinders on,”  has always been one of my favorite expressions to use when describing the intensity and focus which prevents many of us from appreciating the present and the good things around us. Sima’s songs capture the sentiment of living life to its fullest .Even after the CD stops playing, the tune and words will stick in your mind and you’ll want to listen again and again to each song—the mark of a successful musician.  While I was listening to the CD in my office, several co-workers stopped by and commented on how much they liked the music—another mark in the plus column in this album’s favor.

In the final cut on the CD, entitled Sunshine & Blue  Skies, Sima reflects on life’s disappointments.

It all happens for a reason you see

They just haven’t gotten around to telling you what that reason might be

Cause it’s always going to rain, Cause  its always going to rain

But I’m telling you there’s going to be sunshine and blue skies again.

So if you haven’t heard of Bob Sima. Well look up his website and check out where he will next be performing, and yes buy a copy of his latest album “Periphery.”