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You are formally invited...

Mar 22, 2011 06:38PM ● By Anonymous
Seriously, my procrastination habit is what always gets me in trouble. That, and wrong addresses (an issue that is still creating problems). But I got them done, and they have been sent. The RSVPs are flowing in.

It's not the greatest picture, due to the flash. However, the main card was created in Adobe Photoshop, and then printed on white metallic cardstock, printed by I trimmed the edges, and then adhered it to thick black cardstock from

When the invitation was flipped over, additional cards were held together by dark red satin ribbon.

Again, the flash is killing these photos. Everyone got an RSVP postcard, which I chose to do to save on stamps and extra envelopes. Additionally, some of our extended family and the bridal party got a small business-card sized invitation to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.

The RSVP and rehearsal dinner cards were ordered from Vista Print.

Here's another BIG tip for brides: See that little number down in the corner? Each number corresponded to a number on a master list. Despite there being a line that says "Please indicate the names of those attending," there have been many guests who neglected to write their names on the RSVP. However, when an RSVP comes in without a name, we just match it up to the master list and we know who has RSVPed. This system is vital. Use it.

In total, the cost for around 95 invitations was $350. Could I have done it cheaper? Probably. But I'm thrilled with the results (and they are, by the way, much prettier in person).