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3rd Annual Crabi Gras, Bigger & Better

Mar 22, 2011 07:34PM ● By Anonymous


On Saturday, April 9th, Jimmie & Sook’s Raw Bar and Grill invites you to party nonstop, all day to celebrate our local watermen, at the 3rd Annual Crabi Gras! The event will go 2p-2a, featuring live music inside and out, amazing food,drinks and even a vendors market this year. Crabi Gras will be onsite at Jimmie & Sook’s, located at 421 Race Street, Cambridge, MD. All donations collected will benefit The Chesapeake Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Association.

In 2009, the first Crabi Gras is what caught the attention of Tom Brokaw, and landed Jimmie & Sook’s the honor of being the first stop along his Highway 50 documentary that aired nationally. This year, Amanda Bramble, owner of Jimmie & Sook’s decided, “this event was just too much fun to keep indoors.”

This year, Crabi Gras will start at 2pm and continue until 10pm outside, when it will carry on inside Jimmie & Sook’s. There will be 12 hours of entertainment, from 2pm until 2am, featuring classic rock, blues and country. Food will be provided of all kinds, focusing on, of course Maryland blue crab dishes and other seafood, such as fried shrimp and oyster fritters. An assortment of beverages, including beer, local wine, as well as other alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks will be available. Local merchants, artists and charities will be setting up to show

everyone what Cambridge has to offer. Amanda adds, “Jimmie & Sook's will be offering up the good times. It the kind of event that you can bring your kids to early and come back to stay late for!”

A highlight of the afternoon is likely to be the Crab Dish Judging Contest and the Crab Races. Award winning Chef Michael Rork will be judging crab dishes submitted by contestants. If you would like to enter one of your dishes in the contest, call Amanda at (443) 225-4115 or email

Live entertainment will be provided by Anna Burgess, The Jeff Washington Band, The Mike Elzey Mayhem Band, and closing out the party will be, Tranzfusion. Amanda simply had this to say when asked about the musical lineup this year, “wear your dancing will need them!”

Describing why The Chesapeake Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Association is so important to her and Jimmie & Sook’s, Amanda offers these heartfelt words, “Watermen keep the shore alive. They breathe life into this community and others like ours. They provide more than a dozen steamed crabs on a pretty postcard.” Further she cites, “My family, just like every other local family, if you go back far enough came from a waterman or a waterwoman. Watermen are our past, present and future and their livelihoods need to be protected and preserved. It isn't a glamorous job, I've been on a couple of boats myself and I wouldn't have any parts of it, however, they get to see a part of our world that most don't take the time to notice.” Additionally she adds, “Watermen are the backbone of this community. They fuel tourism, they feed our families and preserve a culture that more communities should foster. A culture that isn't afraid of hard work, and isn't afraid of hard times, because they lean on one another and find the solutions together. It is my hope that the money raised through this event will help them obtain those solutions.” The Chesapeake Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Association strives to preserve, not only their way of life, but also the many businesses and communities that depend on their industry to survive. The CBFCA’s efforts include going to Annapolis to make their voice heard and included in any decision making processes regarding regulations that affect the industry and the future success of the Chesapeake Bay. This year, Saturday, April 9th is not only, the 3rd Annual Crabi Gras, or Cambridge Mainstreet’s Second Saturday, but it is your chance to give back to the local industry that provides so much to your community. Bring out your family and friends to Crabi Gras for a good time and to support a very worthy cause. For more information or if you are interested in becoming a vendor, contact Jimmie & Sook’s Raw Bar and Grill at (443) 225-4115 or This will be the event of the year - don’t miss it!