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Grit and Glory Set to Open

Apr 11, 2011 08:52PM ● By Anonymous

Artists discover that beauty and from a new perspective, show it to us through their paintings.

At 2:00pm on Sunday at the opening reception, the artists will  share why they were drawn to paint particular scenes.

Grit and Glory

Grit and Glory is a exhibit of scenes we might walk past, not giving a second glance. We more likely would dismiss the object or scene as ugly, a blight on the neighborhood, and hope someone would just re-paint or clean it up soon.  Why do artists find those scenes so attractive to paint? Perhaps these are ‘real life’, the every-day scenes that over the years become comfortable, familiar and part of our memory. When artists paint the scene it triggers all the good memories, ‘the good old days’ ...

This exhibit will include farm scenes, including some of the last of Maryland’s tobacco barns in south county, skipjacks and tugboats, workboats of the truest kind. Baltimore area train stations and their maze of rust-colored tracks and the old steel mills are perfect subject matter for the artist who loves to paint grit. These scenes all have one thing in common – the artists found a beauty in the scene; they were drawn to paint it and share it.

At 2:00pm on Sunday at the opening reception, the artists will share with gallery patrons why they are attracted to paint these scenes. There are some interesting stories to be told about these paintings.

Grit and Glory opens on Sunday, April 17 and continues to May 8th. The exhibition and the panel discussion are open to the public.

For more information call 410-267-7077 or email:


McBride Gallery, 215 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401