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The 6 Figure Stylist Book Review

Apr 14, 2011 07:18PM ● By Anonymous

The Annapolis native shares tips, tricks, and advice she learned along the way to becoming the founder of Doll Face Marketing—a business consulting firm specializing in salons and hairstylists. Beavers’ insight comes from years of trials and tribulations gained by experience. One life changing moment was, when she decided to open her own salon and realized six months later, her expectations were not being fulfilled. What does fulfill her is coaching. Since she altered her path she hasn’t looked back. Her book is a guide for those seeking to operate and maintain a successful salon.

A central theme throughout the book is Beavers’ emphasis on building a business for the long-term. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? She makes no qualms that dedication and investing in yourself are key ingredients to success. The book is geared toward salon owners, licensed hair stylists, and those thinking about pursuing a career in the beauty industry.

Currently, Beavers is pushing her book and brand further by accompanying it with marketing kits, public appearances, one-on-one coaching, and merchandise. She was recently interviewed by USA Today and should do well based on her enthusiasm for the beauty industry.