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Channeling My Inner Hipster Girl

Apr 28, 2011 11:56PM ● By Anonymous

Not sure how many of you are familiar with MC Lars, the not too famous around here German rapper, but he completely inspired my evening last night with his song “Hipster Girl.” I made the trek to Metro Gallery in Baltimore to see the band In Tall Buildings. I’m not sure what happened to them. Perhaps I couldn’t see them because they were inside said tall buildings, but I did discover an interesting local band, Strange Fur. One of my favorite songs centered around how both parties were mature so they were having an “adult relationship.” I’m big on song lyrics, and these made me laugh. Luckily, that was the appropriate response.

What was even more interesting was the crowd: a lot of students from MICA and the surrounding areas. I’ve always been into the arts, but these people were very into the arts, and also into wearing very skinny jeans. It made me want to spend more time up in the Mount Vernon area of the North Charles Street just so I could soak up some more of the friendly vibe and ambiance.

Besides the band, the gallery also had an exhibit on the wall entitled Paper Fish, which consisted of paper cuttings depicting sea life. Highlights included puffer fish, a Darwinesque animal that was sprouting legs, and many cutouts of boats and waves. Perhaps they should bring such an exhibit to Annapolis or the Shore. It officially closed at the Gallery on April 23.