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Still Life with Life

Apr 29, 2011 05:53PM ● By Anonymous
At 2:00pm on Sunday at the opening reception, a panel discussion of artists will share with gallery patrons why they paint still life and why they prefer the method they use. The exhibit and panel discussion are open to the public.

Show Premise:
A still life painting by definition is composed of objects that are not alive. However, artists through the ages have stretched the boundaries of this definition. The Dutch Old Masters added small insects, or butterflies to their floral still lifes. Trompe l’Oeil painters make every effort to create a work of art so life-like you will be fooled into thinking you are looking at the real thing.  The Impressionists use color and light to breathe life into their still lifes, and now take them outdoors to add natural light, ‘more life’ to their paintings.

Still Life with Life
Still life paintings date back to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times
and have survived and evolved through many centuries of changes in art styles and art materials. Still Life is still taught in art workshops, art academies and universities, often used as a tool to teach composition and design as well as the skill of painting believable 3-dimensional objects. 

This exhibit embraces the life in still life paintings. It features still life paintings by artists working today.  The artists will be interpreting the theme of still life from their own unique life experiences.  Over fifteen painters representing many classic styles will exhibit their recent works. Styles will include Dutch Old Master, Tonalists, Romantics, Impressionists and Trompe l’Oeil. These styles and other variations and combinations of styles will be on view as the artists express their creativity and skills.

For more information call 410-267-7077 or email:

Artists will include: Maggie Cao, Neilson Carlin,  Eric Conklin, Michele Donovan, Lois Engberg, Louis Escobedo, Gavin Gardner, Joseph Iantorno, Abigail McBride, Michael Molnar, Jim Rodgers, Scott Royston, Yvonne Hartmann Smith

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