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I can't believe it's over.

May 03, 2011 08:14PM ● By Anonymous

Because it's only been two days, I clearly do not have any professional pictures to show you. However, our friends have already bombarded Facebook with their own photos, so I luckily have a few shots to show you. The picture above was taken by bridesmaid Cheryl, and it shows me giving my new husband a look, warning him not to smash cake in my face .... even though I smashed it into his just after this picture was taken!!

My sister and the Maid of Honor, Kate, was such an integral part of the weekend. Not only did she plan a rockin' bachelorette party for me on Thursday night (details coming soon!), she helped me in every way possible and was the best maid of honor anyone could ask for. In fact, all six of my bridesmaids were absolutely fantastic (and gorgeous, for the record).

See? These are the girls at the rehearsal dinner, right after I gave them their gifts (again, details coming soon!!)

There were so many memorable moments from the weekend, that I need to go through them one by one to share them with you. But I can tell you, there was a lot of food involved.

That's us, the newlyweds, chowing down on bacon-wrapped scallops. OK, this photo was staged, but it essentially captured how excited we were for these appetizers. I had asked for each of us to have a plate with two scallops on it in front of us when we sat down at the head table, but the staff gave us two plates absolutely loaded with scallops and artichoke-olive tarts. 

And then there was dancing. Oh my, was there ever some dancing.

The night ended with at least 30-40 people still on the dance floor -- a great number, when the total number of guests was 87 -- and the DJ told all of them to give the bride and groom a big hug. And they did, so next thing I know, I was being stampeded by a wave of people.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Did things go wrong? Yeah, I suppose so. There was a fire at one point (we'll get to that), plus an enormously high bar tab. But I woke up Sunday morning feeling as happy as a clam. 

Stay tuned, friends, for I have a lot more to show you.