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She Came; She Saw; She Bought Kangaroos

May 03, 2011 10:55PM ● By Anonymous

A couple weeks ago, my sister sent me a Facebook invitation for the She-Sale, a consigment event where ladies of all ages buy and sell clothes, books, and household goods. I pretty much ignored it. I don't know anything about this kind of thing. However, after the past week of it being about 150 degrees in the office, especially where I sit -- by the window, with the sun beaming down on me constantly, I decided maybe I should get some lightweight clothing to wear to work.

I arrived at the sale, cookies in hand (from another event I will write about tomorrow) and was immediately overwhelmed. What better sight to a girl (even one who's not particularly girly) than wall to wall clothes, shoes, and books -- okay, books is a personal preference -- at super cheap prices. My first purchase was a pair of Kangaroo shoes. Do you remember those from the 80s? What other shoes have pockets in the side? How awesome is that? And they are bright purple and yellow. I will never lose them. 10 bucks.

I also scored two pairs of Lucky Jeans for 20 dollars each, a ton of work tops for like 5 bucks each, and a couple books I've been meaning to read for a while, including the Dirty Girls Social Club, which was all the rage probably 10 years ago. So maybe I'm a little behind on my reading ... A couple other cool items that I had to pass up were a toaster decorated with neon flowers and a collection of Great American Novels, including the Great Gatsby and On the Road.

Fortunately and unfortunately, you are able to pay for all of your items by credit card, so you're not limited to the cash in your pocket. Plus, you don't have to go to individual tables and buy everything separately, like you do at a flea market. Everything's labeled with a price, and you just take it up to the register. The powers that be sort out what profits belong to who after the sale is over. Most of the leftovers are donated. The lines weren't too long, but they were long enough for my sister to discover a courdoroy purse and add it to my stack of already 17 items. Foiled again, but it was super cute.

To continue celebrating girly week, tomorrow's blog will incorporate the royal wedding ....