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Scott Miller A Performer Who Performs

May 09, 2011 06:00PM ● By Anonymous

Usually the opening act’s primary purpose is to warm up the audience, and that task is assigned to the lesser performer.But the Friday night (May 6) performance of Scott Miller and Steve Forbet at Rams Head OnStage proved, sometimes it’s the name in smaller print who proves to be the showstopper.  Yes, I know Forbet has the bigger name literally and figuratively and the big following of fans who were gratified to see him perform such old favorites as “Romeo’s Tune “ (Billboard #11 of the top 100 in 1980) and  “Blinked Once”, but if they were really listening to what they were hearing Friday night, they’d realize Forbets’ voice has unfortunately deteriorated.

Meanwhile Miller, who by his own humble mannerisms presents himself as a “supporting player” has continued to cultivate a voice which serves as a finely tuned instrument hitting the high and low notes with grace and clarity. True enough, Miller at age 43 is 14 years younger than Forbet, but many singer continue to flourish well past middle age, depending on their lifestyle and their vocal training and approach Both performers Friday evening are master songwriters who have many albums under their belt, and both performers play the harmonica and an acoustic guitar as their musical accompaniments, but it is Scott Miller who delivers a fine musical stage performance in a day and age when there is so much of music can be technologically  enhanced in the recording studio.

Having listened to Miller’s Latest album recorded with the Commonwealth Band, entitled “For Crying Out Loud,” I was not prepared for the power and beauty of his solo performance. Songs like “I Made a Mess of This Town” and “Amtrak Crescent “from his 2003 “Upside Down album, had me tapping my toes, while “Los Sientos Spanishburg West Virginia” was witty and lovely to listen to. Other selections  included . “Good Night You Loser,” from the days when Johnson sang with the VRoys Band,, reprised as a solo, and the spiritual lament “Is there Room on the Cross for Me?”

Miller is planning on releasing a new album, and perhaps some of those songs I enjoyed, but couldn’t trace as being currently available, will be included on this new CD slated for fall.