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Saying I Do: Rehearsing for the big day

May 17, 2011 09:11PM ● By Anonymous

The wedding rehearsal, which took place in the afternoon the day before the wedding, was the only time during the whole weekend where I felt stressed or frazzled. To start, two groomsmen – who shall remain nameless – didn't take my edict of "be in the lobby at 4:15" very seriously. I have a thing about being late -- I don't like it. Just ask my coworkers here at What's Up?, they'll tell you that I'm nearly always one of the first people in the office in the morning.

So, other than the late groomsmen, why was I so frazzled?

Ohhhh, our groomsmen. A fun group of guys, but really difficult to manage. 

My dad, however, was uber-chill.

OK, the groomsmen really weren't that bad.I was just feeling that pre-wedding stress like woah, and a group of 10 guys who only kind of wanted to line up just wasn't helping. I wanted them to have fun, but I just wanted to get the rehearsal done so we could get to the rehearsal dinner and really have a good time. However, I did have my lovely bridesmaids who knew that they should just do what I asked them to.

We had a bit of trouble, though. It turns out that heels + grass = a lot of sinking.

This was a problem that plagued me, even during the wedding ceremony when my gorgeous red heels kept sinking into the ground. So, note to outdoor brides ... if you're getting married on grass, stick to flats. (Oh, that almost rhymes.) 

However, we managed to rehearse the ceremony, and I even had a lovely ribbon bouquet made from the ribbons on the gifts at my bridal showers. The bouquet was made by my sister, and I might be calling her for tips soon because this post reminds me that I have to make up a bouquet for my friend that is getting married this weekend. 

Up next: The rehearsal dinner

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