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AAMC Implements ‘Open’ Visiting Hours

May 31, 2011 05:35PM ● By Anonymous


Recognizing that family members and loved ones are important members of a patient’s care team, Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) is promoting family presence by changing their “visiting hours” policies,  The new open hours went into effect on Wednesday, June 1.

According to the new policy, the patient determines their “family.” It can be based on a biological, emotional, legal or emotional relationship. Under most circumstances, a family member will be allowed to stay with a patient, with no time restrictions, even overnight.

In the last decade, as research has shown that the well-being of patients is enhanced when they are surrounded by loved ones, a more flexible trend is emerging. That trend—patient and family-centered care—includes what the patients and their families have to say about everything from visiting hours to changing our directory signs around the hospital.

“Research shows that the family’s presence is important to the patient’s well-being,” said Sherry Perkins, AAMC’s chief nurse executive and vice president of patient care. “We want our families to know they are welcome.”