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David Wilcox releases his 17th album

Jun 08, 2011 06:30PM ● By Anonymous

Wilcox says he likes to travel from his home down in Ashville, North Carolina, propelled to perform and share his music. As he writes in his website blog, “Each song is like a postcard that inspires me to travel, but instead of just a snapshot of a place, it’s a preview of a whole different way of seeing. Through songs, I get to know who I might become, because I experience a joy and peace and gratitude that I know is possible; all I have to do is go the distance.”

For a few years back in the previous decade, Wilcox was a frequent visitor and performer in Maryland. His wife was studying at the Tai Sofia Wellness School and I attended a number of his concerts, initially hooked by hearing on the radio one day his song “Eye of the Hurricane,” I felt the song aptly described the speed at which I ‘d been traveling through life and my attempts to find a small spot of serenity. I became a David Wilcox junkie. Every other day I needed to listen to one of his CDs and couldn’t wait until a new release. Better than the song was the live performance, until one evening things went flat and I no longer marveled and was surprised by his flawless voice, fine chord shifts and rhymes, and pleasant jokes. I needed a break.

The break is over. I listened to the title song ‘Reverie” first, on the newest album and immediately related to the words, “Back to the place where the road runs into the reverie… I only want to stay here. Here is where I want to be… Wherever I am I’ll return to the deep peace here in my memory. All of the dreams we dare to dream.”  And then there was that mellow voice and the comfortable feeling listening to an old friend confiding in his song “Ireland”—“When I was a kid in Cleveland, it was the music got me through. Some have called me a troubadour…My heart is here in ways I can’t explain.”  If you are a David Wilcox fan, of course you’ll want to add this new group of songs to your collection, and if you’ve been sitting on the fence for a while or you’ve never heard h is music—check it out.

Live and in person, Wilcox will be coming to the Chesapeake region this weekend performing in Easton at The Nightcat, Sunday June 12th at 7:00 p.m. He’ll be returning to the area on September 30th performing in Wilmington at the World Café Live at The Queen.  Find out more by visiting his website.

Photo by Rhys Albrecht