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Running Amuck For Real

Jun 15, 2011 12:00AM ● Published by Anonymous

As far as the race goes, the first half was a little touch and go for me. I’m used to running trail and it was a lot of pavement running. The pavement was broken up by a few obstacles: tires, piles of hay that were used to create a maze, and a spot where we had to do 10 jumping jacks. Thankfully, this was followed by a water stop.

After the water, things started to get good. The second half of the event was on trails in the woods. During this portion, we had to climb a wall, which was only about six feet up, crawl through some tubes (with a helpful photographer stationed at the end of them) and then, la crème de la crème: a three foot deep mud pit followed by a steep and muddy hill. In fact, this hill was so steep that there was a cargo net buried underneath the muck. Even so, some people had trouble standing up without sliding down to the start again.

At the end of the run, the Marine Corp Fire Department was standing at the ready with a truck to hose us off. I’d say this was tougher than the Warrior Dash, but it did lack the fire and Viking helmets.

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