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More! AAMC Jeopardy

Jun 21, 2011 11:04PM ● By Anonymous

UPDATE 6/23/2011:

More than $70,000 in winnings and still counting!

Dr. Jay Rhee continued his winning ways on Jeopardy! Wednesday night, amassing a three-day total, so far, of more than $70,000. Tune in tonight to see if he can do it again. Isn’t it fun to have a local genius to root for?


UPDATE 6/22/2011:

$45,202. . . and counting!

Congratuations Dr. Rhee!
Dr. Jay Rhee, AAMC medical oncologist, has done it again!  He extended his championship reign on Jeopardy! by defeating two very tough opponents. Anyone who is a regular Jeopardy! watcher will tell you that it isn't easy to win back-to-back days. And, as a longtime fan of the show, I can tell you that the last two night have included some of the toughest questions I've ever heard on the show. The extent of Dr. Rhee general knowledge is very impressive. As is the $45,202 he has amassed thus far! He'll be back again tonight. . .and so will I.


Dr. Jay Rhee, a medical oncologist at Anne Arundel Medical Center, became the current Jeopardy! champion on Monday night displaying an impressive range of knowledge.  From California history to fast-on-his-feet math skills to a surprising familiarity with reggae music, Dr. Rhee defeated his opponents, qualified to defend his title again tonight AND won nearly $24,000 in the process!

Can't wait to see how he does tonight!