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Wedding-Worthy Fingernails

Jul 06, 2011 05:10PM ● By Anonymous

Think about how often your nails might be photographed on your wedding day – holding your bouquet, photographs of your wedding rings, and so on. My nails were even photographed when our photographer had me hold my garter so she could photograph the inscription my mother had sewn into it. So, making sure your nails look beautiful is actually more important than you might think.
I was thinking about this when I visited Bella Lifestyle Nail Salon and Spa in Annapolis the other day. A couple days before my wedding, two friends and I went to a nail salon in Arizona that we didn’t particularly like. It was just kind of…generic. However, Bella was all zen-like with stone columns, soothing music, and calming paint colors. Plus, when I hopped onto the chair to get a pedicure, they had a bottle of water waiting for me. Yeah, it’s the little things in life that excite me. If you’re looking for a good place to get your nails wedding-day worthy in Annapolis, I’d definitely recommend checking out Bella.

On a side note, I think I am officially addicted to getting pedicures. I used to hate people touching my feet, but it might be just about one of the most relaxing activities.

So how do you choose a color for your nails? You should take into consideration what colors are surrounding you … your bouquet, any color on your dress, your shoes (for your toenails). At Bella, there are two walls of color choices, simultaneously making it difficult and easy to find a color. For my wedding, I actually went with a full set of acrylics in a French manicure because I thought it would look elegant in photos – and it did. However, two months later, my nails are still recovering from the fakes being pulled off. On my toes, I choose a pale gold color that wouldn’t compete with my bright red shoes.

Now, if I could just get some tips on how to stop biting my fingernails…yuck!