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Rock of Ages Review

Jul 14, 2011 04:47PM ● By Anonymous

The Tony Award-nominated production is on tour from July 12th–24th this summer in Washington, D.C. at the National Theatre (located at 1321 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.).

As I sat in my seat and stared at the lights and signs of the Sunset Strip-inspired set, I couldn’t help but notice everyone else was on their feet eager with anticipation. And rightly so! Because many attendees were seeing the show for the second, third, and even fourth time, so they knew the Rock of Ages band would open the show with an electric guitar solo that the narrator described accurately as, “face melting good.”

From then, the ensemble cast of more than 10, who collectively played more than 20 roles, began with a riveting song mash-up of David Lee Roth’s “Just Like Paradise,” and Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time.” Everything from the sound quality, costumes, choreography (yes, there are eight counts and even some jazz hands in rock) was awesome.

While late-eighties rock remained the heartbeat of the production, the romantic storyline and comedy nuances made the entire 120 minutes enjoyable and memorable. There was some suggestive material, though the young children rocking out with their parents didn’t seem to mind. My favorite scene and song involved two male friends belting out REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” which I’ve been unsuccessfully searching for on YouTube so I can relive the moment, but I guess I’ll just have to see the show again…

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