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Hinckley Yachts: Inaugural Poker Run

Jul 27, 2011 11:10PM ● By Anonymous

The Hinckley Company announces their inaugural Poker Run to highlight the camaraderie of their owners and demonstrate the satisfying functionality of their luxurious boats on Saturday, August 20th.

More than 15 Hinckley Yachts are expected to rendezvous Saturday morning at the Hinckley Yacht Services yard in Annapolis on Whitehall Creek and get ready for a 10am start. They will draw their first card for their poker hand and soon be on the way to their next three stops around Kent Island, at which they will collect three more cards for their poker hand. Eventually all of the Hinckley Yachts will end up where they started at Hinckley Yacht Services on Whitehall Creek that afternoon to collect their last card for their five card poker hand and compare hands at the celebration BBQ.

Spectators are welcome and you can contact Hinckley Yachts at 410-263-0095 or for more details on where to get the best view. “The Poker Run will provide folks with the a rare treat of seeing so many Hinckley Yachts all together as they circumnavigate Kent Island for our Poker Run that day,” says Jennifer Richards, Brokerage Director for Hinckley Yachts. “You won’t want to miss it,” Richards concludes.

Hinckley, a privately held company founded in 1928, is renowned for its premium sailboats and power boats. The company builds its boats in Trenton and Southwest Harbor, Maine, and operates eight service yards along the U.S. East Coast. Hinckley has approximately 1,500 boat owners and 5,000 service customers worldwide.

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Beverley Suckling
Hinckley Yachts Annapolis