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Behind the Curtain of The Big Bang

Aug 03, 2011 04:35PM ● By Anonymous

Slapstick humor, live music, and questionable history lessons are the focus of Tred Avon Players (TAP) musical comedy, The Big Bang. The production runs August 12th–14th, 18th–21st, and 26th–28th at the Historical Society of Talbot County Auditorium in Easton while the Oxford Community Center—its venue of more than 29 years—is being renovated.

“This fun production highlights the history of the world, including contributions from Caesar, Cleopatra, Attila the Hun, and Christopher Columbus in an hour and 15 minutes,” says director Tim Weigand. “The two main characters, Jed and Boyd, are trying to convince theater investors, as well as the audience, that their new musical will be a hit.”

Cece Davis (who is cutting her long locks to play Jed) and Jim Fodrie (who is keeping his short locks to play Boyd) are delusional self-proclaimed producers using the Upper West Side New York penthouse of out-of-town friends as the setting to pitch the most expensive and lavish Broadway musical ever written. Using household items like books and picture frames as props, Jed and Boyd act out the scenes from their musical, nearly destroying the pristine penthouse in the process.

The twosome sing throughout, seamlessly transition from one song to another complemented by live keyboard accompaniment. Only twice do the actors engage in short dialogue. Most of the songs are quick and upbeat, but there are a couple slow songs in the mix as well. The fast-paced, physical nature, and “play within a play” premise of this production required the actors to work intensely on their endurance and character development.

“It’s a good rip roaring ounce of music and fun to have on a hot summer evening,” says Weigand. For more information, visit or call 410-226-0061.