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Swimmers Be Wary of the Water

Aug 09, 2011 04:05PM ● By Anonymous
Good Evening Everyone:
…This evening we had a great rain event, leaving us with over an inch of rain. This is that the State of Maryland calls a “rain event,” during these rain events storm water rushes downhill carrying with it everything in its path—including fecal matter—whether human, dog, cat, geese or raccoon. It really does not matter during this type of rain event what type of fecal matter it is—essentially it is in the South River now. The rule of thumb given to us citizens of Maryland is that after a 1 inch of rain event no one should swim in the water for 48 hours…

What was true back in July for the South River is still true for all area waterways following heavy downpours. And those are just the sort of storms we get this time of year.