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Old Faithful

Aug 30, 2011 09:47PM ● By Anonymous

Located south of Cambridge, in Church Creek, is a small gem most would not think to recognize. What looks like a small stone school house nestled in a grassy, tree-lined setting is actually a church. This out-of-the-way nook is no small feat for religious history though. Built in the year 1692, the Old Trinity Church in Dorchester, Maryland is believed to be one of the oldest Anglican/Episcopal churches in the nation.

This seventeenth century ‘gem’ was renovated and fully restored to its original condition in 2007 and is still one of about 160 original churches still in worshipping practice. And the ad 85-acre graveyard holds the remains of famous historical icons, most notably, the Carroll family. Anna Elena Carroll, known also as the “silent member” of President Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet, was daughter to Thomas King Carroll, a cousin of Annapolis’s own Charles Carroll. Anna was even honored by 18th century war veterans for the successful work she did in maintaining the Union during the Civil War.

The Carroll family (namely Charles) also worked with the building of the B&O Railroad which contributed to the immigration of thousands of Irish immigrants and workers in the state of Maryland. To learn more about available tours of Dorchester County, including this legendary landmark, visit and go someplace different for a change! -Madeleine Foster