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Clay Studio Gallery Show

Aug 30, 2011 06:35PM ● By Anonymous

The Artworks Clay Studio Gallery Show, September 2nd to 24th, is a great opportunity for Maryland residents to see traditional, modern, functional and decorative work by local artists, all created in clay. A variety of decorative objects and vessels, as well as a few mosaics, demonstrate the diverse perspectives of the students and instructors at Artworks. The medium of clay allows for an extensive collection of differing aesthetics, due to the variety of forms and angles artists can make from integrating different tools, techniques and materials.

A decorative clay dish created by Kay Jones of Cambridge.

“We’re the only clay studio on the Eastern Shore so we attract a variety of artists and patrons,” explains Muriel Cole, secretary to the board of directors at Artworks.

While Artworks, a nonprofit organization, is headquartered in Chestertown, the exhibit will be held in the studio gallery in Worton, at the Still Pond Station on Still Pond Creek—once a U.S. Coast Guard Station and now an arts center. The Artworks Studio, with their two locations, offers Eastern Shore artists a chance to display and flex their creative sides through painting, sculpting and various other crafts. Clay, mosaic, and even gilding projects are presented throughout the gallery, fostering a community for both experienced and novice artists alike. Even if you aren’t looking to display a piece of work yourself, Artworks Studio allows those wishing to support the grassroots art space an occasion to buy and enjoy the completed pieces through a host of gallery shows open to the public, such as this show. For more information, go to


A 28-ounce teapot by Sassi.


A sculpture by Joan Reed.