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11 Beauty Routines to Start in 2011

Sep 06, 2011 06:15PM ● By Anonymous

(It’s not easy to always remember the SPF, and who really believed you could still burn when the sky was overcast?) Were you just too busy having fun, running around with the kids and snacking on boardwalk fare to stick to your usual maintenance schedule? Now’s the time to get back on the right path and take care of all those little details that can have a big impact on your appearance.

1. Moisturize Your Face and Neck
It may be the best step you can take toward looking better...and looking better longer. There are many moisturizers on the market, from pricy potions sold at department stores to effective drug store brands. It’s not a bad idea to experiment with a variety of brands to find one that’s right for you. You may want to start your search by asking for recommendations from people with great skin! (FYI: Those “trendy” serums that are so hot these days may end up being around for quite some time—many work wonderfully.) Whatever you choose, use it morning and night. And when applying to face and neck, don’t forget your earlobes.

2. Increase Your Batting Average
This one comes from a professional makeup artist: Occasionally apply Vaseline lightly along your lash line. It promotes growth and keeps lashes flexible to avoid breaking. If you use cold cream to remove eye makeup, that works, too.

3. Exfoliate
Use a liquid soap in the shower and apply with either a textured glove (not too coarse) or a mesh “pouf” sponge. Why not try one of the liquid soaps that contain either teeny beads, oatmeal, or crushed apricot seeds, etc. that accelerate the exfoliating process. (Germ alert: It’s always a good idea to frequently replace sponges and gloves. And loofahs, because they are made from a natural material that takes longer to dry than manmade products, grow bacteria especially fast.)

4. Clean Nails Everyday with a Nail Brush
Before bed, thoroughly wash your hands using a gentle nail brush. Then massage cuticles with a tiny amount of cuticle oil or some of that great serum mentioned above.

5. Let Your Nails Breathe
If you are a devoted user of nail polish, dare to go bare several days a month to give your nails a chance to thrive.

6. Salad Days for Your Hair
Several times a month, comb extra virgin olive oil into your hair. Wrap with plastic wrap or cover with a shower cap. You can curl up for a couple of hours with the latest bestseller on your Nook™ while it all sinks in, or you can even sleep the night away all wrapped up. (This tip comes from a co-worker with the best hair in the office.)

7. Cast a Spell
You have big plans for going out on the town; unfortunately, you had a long day and short sleep. To refresh how you look at least, try wetting gauze pads with witch hazel and reclining for 15 minutes or so with the pads over your eyes. Witch hazel, an herbal extract, has a natural ability to reduce swelling, among other things. Keep your witch hazel in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. If you’re out of witch hazel, pull open the crisper drawer in that frig and slice up a cucumber for similar effects.

8. Snip Regularly
This is especially germane if you have any sort of precision haircut. Even if it’s only a tiny trim, you hair will look healthier as dry split ends disappear.

9. Skip the Foundation
One day a week, try using just a little cream blush and a moisturizing pressed power. You may realize you don’t need that liquid makeup after all.

10. Keep It Clean
When you hit the pillow at night, you shouldn’t leave a pattern like the Shroud of Turin. Never go to bed with makeup on.

11. …And a Beauty Routine You May Want to Eliminate
Thumb through any fashion or celebrity magazine and just look at the eyebrows. The Middleton girls, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, and Jennifer Aniston all sport full, natural-looking brows. Don’t over pluck; just go after the severe strays. And use a very soft toothbrush to smooth and control your new, fuller brows. A tiny amount of moisturizer applied with the toothbrush adds a touch of polish and control.