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Latest Swaddling Tips for Babies

Sep 09, 2011 11:42PM ● By Anonymous

In fact, another addition to the family was born last night! (Jacob Minjoon Nguyen 7 lbs., 8 oz.). That's one reason we are keeping our eyes and ears open for the newest information on baby health. And found the following warning of particular interest.

When most hear the term "hip dysplasia" they think of their favorite pet. Surprisingly it is also the most common condition among newborn babies affecting about 75,000/year, according to International Hip Dysplasia Although all babies are checked for hip dysplasia at birth, only those at risk (i.e., first born girls, breech births or babies with a family history) are rechecked periodically.

So if all babies are examined at birth, why are some cases of hip dysplasia not being picked up? According to Dr. Charles Price, a pediatric orthopedist at the Winnie and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI - states:"What we are seeing are cases of hidden hip dysplasia that are not the result of breech birth, genetics or first born girls. One cause of late hip dysplasia is tight swaddling with the legs straight."

Although many parents believe that the tight "cocoon" method of swaddling is best, the IHDi recommends swaddling baby's arms securely while leaving the legs free to move for proper hip development. Dr. Price offers these hip healthy swaddling tips to help avoid hip dysplasia:

  • If using a blanket, wrap firmly around the arms but loosely around the legs so the hips can move freely.
  • When swaddling baby, avoid stretching the legs our straight or pressing them together.
  • Encourage baby’s hips to be spread and bent as if riding on a horse. (When carrying baby, wrap his legs around your body for proper hip development.)
  • Consider using a sleepsack product with a roomy bottom which is a foolproof way to swaddle baby in a hip healthy manner.

Undetected hip dysplasia can lead to constant hip pain, early onset arthritis and hip replacement surgery at an early age. For additional information on hip healthy swaddling, visit: