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Chesapeake Real Wedding: Allison and Jason in Davidsonville

Sep 20, 2011 08:08PM ● By Anonymous

However, I decided that just eight real weddings twice a year just wasn't enough. There are too many beautiful weddings and couples out there that deserve to be highlighted. So, here's introducing our new feature on Here Comes the Bride -- Chesapeake Real Weddings. If you're interested in being featured on the blog, submit your wedding photos to me at

But for now, we leave you to the beautiful August wedding of Allison and Jason in Davidsonville, Maryland. Read what Allison had to see and see more photos from Mike B Photography after the jump.


Where and when did you get married?

Allison: Jason and I got married at my parent's farm in Davidsonville, Maryland, on August 13, 2011. This location has a lot of history for us as a couple in addition to holding so many of my childhood memories. When Jason was born his family lived in Maryland, and his parents had been friends with my parents for years. His parents had actually met at Freeway Airport in Bowie, Maryland, the same for my parents, and where our fathers met, worked together, and became friends. Jason's family moved away when Jason was still young but our families remained close. Jason and his dad would visit often and through our families Jason and I kept track of each other. Jason and I still have memories of his visits to our home. With our families history together, when we decided to get married there was only one place we could think of for the wedding to take place, the farm.

Question: What was your favorite part of the day?

Allison: The entire day was filled with moments I will always remember, but I have two that really stick out. One was the first look that we did before the ceremony. Jason and I did a first look, but at the last minute we also did a daddy/daughter first look. Seeing my Dad's reaction when he saw me was amazing and something I will never forget.

The second moment was the flyover that my Mom secretly arranged with the owner of Freeway Airport, who was in attendance, that holds so much of Jason's and my history. It was very unique and was an amazing gift to both of us.

Question: What colors did you choose for your wedding and why?

Allison: I went back and forth a lot of different color schemes but finally settled on midnight blue. It is the favorite color of both Jason and me. However, being outside, I wanted the wedding to have a wild garden feel, so I incorporated many other colors as well. I was very pleased with the mix of colors and all the green with the blue. All the colors were also really nice when the sun set and the house, pool, and tent got all twinkly. It just completed the night and gave it the final fairy tale touch.

Question: What measures did you take to personalize your wedding day?

Allison: First, we got married at my parents farm. That was huge. My bridal party and I got to get ready in the rooms I grew up in. I wanted my grandparents to be specially recognized so I had them as part of the processional. Jason and I had a sand ceremony during the wedding ceremony but instead of a vase we used an hour glass which we will have forever. The flyover was very personal for us and was a great surprise from my Mom and Freeway Airport.

My something old and something borrowed were very personal. I had my great-grandmother's handkerchief down the front of my dress. She was one of my favorite people ever, and so it was very special to me to have something of hers with me on my wedding day. I borrowed my sister's sapphire and diamond ring and bracelet. Both my sisters were very instrumental in helping me plan and my wedding and it really meant a lot to me the efforts they both went through to be there for me and make sure my day was perfect.

My family and friends showed up early to help with all the preparation. I got to be surrounded by friends and family the entire day and everyone was so relaxed. Because Jason and I live out of town, my parents and sisters did a TON of the work to get everything ready and I feel like their whole gift of getting ready for this one fairytale day, just for me, was very personal. I never felt any pressure to conform to any normal rules of weddings and just did whatever felt right for us. It made the entire day feel special and personal.

Question: What did you serve for your reception meal?

Allison: The guests were greeted upon arrival with Arnold Palmers to keep them refreshed. After the ceremony, our signature cocktails of raspberry and regular margaritas were served along with beer, wine, and appetizers of cocktail shrimp, crabcakes, and bruchetta.

For dinner we had a buffet with a mixed greens salad, fresh green beans, roasted red peppers, pastas, assorted fruit, pumpkin muffins, corn muffins, grilled chicken breast, and a rosemary beef tenderloin carving station. Caterer The Main Ingredient did an amazing job, and the food was delicious. I had so many people comment how much they enjoyed it. For dessert we had a beautiful and delicious three-layer cake made by Annette's Bakery with additional cupcakes of addition assorted flavors. This way we knew
there was something for everyone and I know everyone loved being able to sample all the different flavors.


Congratulations, Allison and Jason!
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