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Explore to Restore Project

Sep 26, 2011 11:41PM ● By Anonymous

Mike Horn, Adventurer and Explorer, 2007 Laureus World Sports Academy recipient to visit Annapolis, MD October 6-12th on his vessel ‘Pangaea’ with a special message:

“Mike believes that caring for our life source is now an absolute necessity for every human being – and the problem is that we are losing respect for nature, forgetting her beauty and most importantly, her overwhelming power. All must accept responsibility and work as one using ingenuity, drive and courage to find new inspiration, hope and ambition. Together we can tap the world’s most powerful energy source – the younger generation – to help them find solutions for their tomorrows.”

Mike Horn is taking carefully selected youth ages 15-20 as “Young Explorers” to the world’s most remote locations sharing his passion for exploration and discovery and teaching them about the world’s ecosystems, enhancing respect for their environment and humanity’s impact on it, providing them with a platform for action that preserves the planet for future generations. Mike Horn and the Young Explorers have already visited Antarctica, the South Pole, New Zealand, Malaysia, and India. They have also completed land based expeditions in the Himalayas, China, Kamchatka Russia, the North Pole and recently in Nunavut, Canada.

The exploration sailboat, Pangaea, is known as the “four-by-four of the seas”. This 35 meter vessel has been purposefully built using sustainable materials to execute a specific objective with a positive environmental message. During Pangaea’s mission, it will be used for research, education and environmental projects all around the world. It is the perfect platform to explore, learn and act. Pangaea, which stands for Pan Global Adventure for Environmental Action is so named to represent the world “as it once was”.

Mike Horn and Pangaea will be in the Annapolis and Baltimore harbors with ten Young Explorers from three different continents. This includes Annapolis area residents Lauren Morrell, the Young Explorer and Severn Riverkeeper Student Representative who created this stopover project named Explore to Restore, and Anne McGarvey who will be attending the next Selection Camp in Chateau d’Oex, Switzerland. While in Annapolis, Mike Horn and the Young Explorers will join local high school students and area volunteers to work on restoration projects benefitting the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Scheduled Appearances

Friday, October 7, 11 AM: Chesapeake Bay Magazine Lecture Seminar, Marriott Hotel, Annapolis Harbor
Friday, October 7, 5 PM: National Aquarium of Baltimore
Monday, October 10, 10 AM: The Severn School
Monday, October 10, 5PM: Annapolis Yacht Club
Tuesday, October 11, 5PM: “Green Drinks” community meeting, on board Pangaea in Annapolis Harbor

About Mike Horn’s four year Expedition:
About the Chesapeake Bay Act Project:

For more information please contact: Lauren Morrell, 410-421-5168,