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Dr. N. Rachel Howland

Sep 27, 2011 09:46PM ● By Anonymous

Specializing in Allergies, Asthma, Sinusitis, Immune Deficiency, Eczema and Immune Disease in Adults & Children

Dr. N. Rachel Howland provides allergy and asthma care to both adults and children. “I love treating allergy, asthma, sinus and skin diseases,” she says, “because these are diseases I’ve had myself since childhood.”

N. Rachel Howland graduated from high school at age 15 after being double promoted twice and skipping the 6th and the 12th grade. She bought her first house at age 17 and subsequently bought, remodeled and sold nine other houses prior to entering PA school at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Howland graduated Cum Laude, and then worked as a Physician’s Assistant prior to fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a physician.

She graduated from medical school after receiving clinical training in England. Dr Howland traveled to India on a Christian medical Mission during her five-year, double residency in Internal medicine and pediatrics at The University of Oklahoma. She became board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology after completing her fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia.

Dr. Howland has had asthma, allergies and eczema since childhood
and had always dreamed of opening her own office to treat, help and educate patients she could easily empathize with. “I spent my entire childhood itching, scratching, wheezing and sneezing.” Dr. Howland did a rotation with an allergist when finishing her medical residency. She had been miserable most of her life due to allergies and had accepted the misconception that nothing could be done about it. That month working in his office changed her life. She saw people get well. That allergist spent a great deal of time helping her get her allergies under control, then convinced her to enter her fellowship.

Initially the Eastern Shore was Dr Howland’s satellite office, but after six months it became her full-time home and practice. “I am no stranger to the rest of the world, but there is something about the Chesapeake that laid hands upon my heart the first time I saw it. I love the beauty of this place and the people. We all know some doctors come to the Eastern Shore only to leave again. I have been here 12 years now and saltwater is in my blood and I am here to stay.”

“I feel it a great compliment that most of our referrals come from our patients themselves. We have been fortunate to have gained favor from many of the wonderful doctors that populate the Eastern Shore as well. We must be doing something right.“

“I love learning and using that knowledge to help my patients. When I was a child my non-medical family and I never really understood much of what we were told about my chronic allergic conditions. I take a lot of time and energy now in explaining all types of medical things to non-medical patients. That way I can help them understand and give them choices about their treatment.”

“I have a particular interest in children because I love working with them and I have been formally trained in both pediatrics and internal medicine,” says Dr. Howland. “We use topical anesthetics (numbing skin cream) for skin testing and allergy shots for children) to avoid undue trauma and pain. It is offered to adults as well upon request. Hugs from a child, because I am one of their favorite doctors and made them feel better makes it all worthwhile.”

“Most people think of stuffy noses when they think of an Allergist, but actually we treat a variety of conditions. An allergy, asthma immunology specialist can not only treat indoor and outdoor allergies and conventional asthma, but can very successfully treat sinus problems without surgery, chronic cough, hives, skin disorders, bee stings or food and drug allergies as well.”

“Allergy shots are necessary in only about 5 percent of the people we see. They are given in the Easton and Centreville clinics on a walk-in basis 9 am–7 pm for our patients’ convenience.”

“I love practicing medicine and firmly believe what I do helps people. I try to treat my patients as though they were family. I am committed to healing, teaching and caring for patients placed in my hands. I promise all of you under my care, I will do my best to provide a service which encompasses state-of-the-art knowledge and an intent to do what is good , right and true. We look forward to seeing our old friends and meeting new ones in our Easton location.”

Q: What do allergy shots do in children and adults?

A: Allergy shots have been shown to be helpful in many conditions linked to allergy. The whole concept of allergy desensitization is really quite holistic. They are not to be added on as additional medication but actually used to reprogram the allergic part of the immune system not to be allergic. Allergy symptoms improve significantly or go away permanently. The number of ear and sinus infections decrease or stop and asthma significantly improves. The immune systems in children are especially flexible. Allergy shots work extremely well in them. We use numbing cream for testing and shots (to insure no pain).