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Advanced Pain Management: The Spine Specialists

Sep 27, 2011 11:21PM ● By Anonymous

“Dr. Davies analyzed the MRI’s of my lower back and placed an injection into the exact spot for immediate relief. He recommended Chris Hoffmann for physical therapy. I followed the protocol (especially at home) and the pain has not returned.”

—Debbie Siebert

Paul W. Davies, M.D., a Johns Hopkins fellowship-trained pain specialist started Advanced Pain Management over eight years ago. His founding principles were simple: gentle targeted pain treatment with proven results. In 2008, Dr. Damean Freas joined Dr. Davies in the journey to help thousands become pain free. They assembled a team of clinicians from prestigious pain institutions and the United States Military. Their mission then was the same as it is today, incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach to help every patient.

Advanced Pain Management offers services such as interventional treatments (injections), medication management, physical therapy, medical massage, prolotherapy and acupuncture. Through the centers, the most advanced techniques such as spinal cord stimulation, ETIOMS, and platelet-rich plasma therapy are also options for patients. Paul Cohen, a worldwide business traveler, commented:

“I could not turn my head without excruciating pain due to degenerative disc disease. Thanks to the neck injection followed by the medical massage and the TENS unit therapy, I feel great!”

The physicians and staff work together to help patients address acute and chronic pain stemming from spinal disorders. Whether you have a persistent condition involving the spine or neck or one resulting from age, genetics, or injury, Advanced Pain Management offers an individualized treatment plan to target your pain.

With locations across Maryland and Washington, D.C., Advanced Pain Management is convenient and patient-oriented, offering fast and friendly service with each visit. Each office has a team of experienced providers, medical assistants and staff accompanied by state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and software in a comfortable environment. Customer service is paramount. One Waldorf patient wrote “Dr. Williams was VERY NICE and understanding of my personal situation. She was very polite and courteous.” Avid swimmer and Healthcare Industry VP, Sandy Elwood states:

“I had a sudden onset of severe neck pain and Dr. Freas saw me right away. He did an injection and recommended Josh Bigelow for physical therapy. Advanced Pain Management helped me get back to work quickly and I am able to work out again!”

Advanced Pain Management has a solution to bring maximum pain relief to each and every patient, allowing them to return to their normal routine quickly, and without surgery. Matthew S. Evans III, an attorney in Annapolis said:

“I have herniated discs and my back pain was debilitating. The 20-minute procedure cured it. It was such a relief both physically and mentally. I am still pain free over two years later.”

Q: I have degenerative disc disease and have been reluctant to have a pain management procedure. I have heard the results are temporary. How long can I expect the pain relief to last after the procedure?

A: Results differ from patient to patient. This often depends on the nature and severity of the underlying medical condition. Results can also vary based on the goal of therapy and the type of procedure. Common procedures performed in my practice are injections, blocks, rhizotomies, discography, and spinal cord stimulation. Many patients get significant pain relief that lasts for months; others are pain free for years. I often meet patients that come up to me and thank me for procedures that relieved their pain years ago.
— Damean Freas, DO, Advanced Pain Management