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Annapolis Endocrinology Associates

Sep 27, 2011 11:53PM ● By Anonymous

Annapolis Endocrinology is the premier endocrinology-only practice in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding communities. Their team of Board Certified Physicians specializes in the treatment of diabetes, thyroid disorders and metabolic conditions. The practice, which is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of endocrine conditions, performs over 1,500 thyroid biopsies a year—more than any other practice in Maryland. These are the Doctors our community chooses for their care—make an appointment today to find out why.

Q: What is a thyroid nodule?

A: A thyroid nodule is a growth in the thyroid gland that, in a small number of cases, can be cancerous. Thyroid nodules though are very common; in fact 30-40 percent of the population might have them and not know it. Thyroid nodules must be evaluated by an endocrinologist with special training in thyroid disease and thyroid ultrasound. Depending on size and features in ultrasound, nodules might need to be biopsied by the endocrinologist to make sure they are not cancer.
— Joan Cantero-Lakhanpal, MD, Annapolis Endocrinology Associate