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Dr. Murphy and Dr. Billings

Sep 28, 2011 04:36PM ● By Anonymous

Billings & Murphy, DDS has the reputation of being one of the most respected and pro¬fessional practices on the Eastern Shore. Built with compassion and care, their office works hard to provide excellent dental care and strives to make every patient’s experience pleasant, efficient and comfortable.

Dr. Scott Billings and Dr. Chris Murphy have provided state-of-the-art dentistry on Kent Island since 1981. Their office is equipped with the most modern technology available today, including digital X-rays, which use 60 percent less radiation than traditional machines. The practice even has an intra-oral camera that allows the patient to view their own teeth. This helps the patient understand the condition of their mouth and make the best choices for their treatment. In addition, the upscale, comfortable reception and treatment rooms will make you feel welcome and relaxed.

Cosmetic improvement of your smile is a large part of the Billings & Murphy, DDS practice. Both doctors have advanced training in cosmetic procedures including por¬celain veneers and crowns, whitening and smile designs. “Everyone has their personal desires when they go to the dentist, whether it’s a better smile or just pain-free chewing. Meeting those needs in a cheerful, pleasant and comfortable way, while providing the most modern, up-to-date procedures and materials, is the way we practice dentistry,” says Dr. Billings.

Dr. Murphy says, “I enjoy sharing a laugh with my patients while they are here for their visit. I think it is relaxing for them and it makes my job a lot more fun as well.”

Dr. Murphy is married, has 2 children. He is a licensed pilot and enjoys keeping fit.

Dr. Billings is married, has 4 children and enjoys fitness, playing golf, and reading.

Q: Why do teeth need crowns?

A: Fillings, especially large ones, weaken the enamel of teeth. When a filling is placed the enamel is strong, but after years of chewing and applying force the enamel, which is brittle, begins to crack. A crown can prevent fracture of the tooth which could lead to the need for extraction or a root canal.
— Scott H. Billings, DDS, Billings & Murphy