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Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal

Sep 28, 2011 04:49PM ● By Anonymous

Our treatment philosophy at the Center for Vein Restoration is focused around one basic tenet—the treatment of varicose veins and their cause, venous insufficiency disease. According to Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal, Cardiovascular Surgeon and the center’s founder, “treatment is not a luxury, but a necessity.” Unfortunately, many people have been dealing with leg pain, swelling, visible varicose veins, restless legs and even ulcers for many years because their symptoms have been misdiagnosed. However, the Center for Vein Restoration is proud to offer a quick and relatively pain-free treatment that has changed the way many physicians view and treat venous disease. Furthermore, the Center for Vein Restoration is recognized as a national leader in the treatment of venous insufficiency disease.

Many people feel treating venous disease is just for the rich and famous, but in reality the procedure is quick, relatively inexpensive and is covered by most insurance plans. Venous disease that’s left untreated can quickly progress, incapacitating those who once thought their legs were just tired. “People tend to accept that having tired, achy legs is just part of getting older,” says Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal, but it’s no longer necessary to tolerate the pain. All the physicians at the Center for Vein Restoration are board-certified and have received extensive training in the treatment of venous disease. Unlike other facilities, the Center for Vein Restoration has 16 locations that offer both laser and radio frequency treatments. Additionally, our doctors know that different veins respond differently to the two treatments, and that no single treatment is right for every patient. In short, our experienced doctors will apply the right treatments to meet our patients’ needs. Finally, our patients are treated in all of our offices on an outpatient basis and resume their regular lives the very same day.

Q: What are the important qualities a patient should look for when choosing a doctor?

A: The most important attribute of any health care provider is that he/she should have empathy and listen to your concerns. The ability of any health care provider to not only listen, but to hear you directly, affects their ability to treat you. So, make sure your provider spends enough time with you to answer all your questions. Making sure that the provider or provider’s team can be reached, irrespective of day or night, is also important. By the time your initial consultation is over you should walk out feeling “Yes! I can trust him.” In today’s age of super-specialization, almost all doctors are competent in their small areas of expertise. Good communication is always the key to any successful relationship.