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Sep 28, 2011 09:26PM ● By Anonymous


Varicose Veins are a common problem in the USA, afflicting as many at 25 percent of the adult population. The bulging, aching, and unsightly veins often appear as a result of an underlying medical condition called Venous Insufficiency. In the past, treatment of the condition was limited to either painful vein stripping or a lifetime of compression stockings. One of our patients had an experience like this before coming to our office:

“The first doctor I saw about my varicose veins said I needed surgery that would leave ugly scars on my legs. A friend of mine who had the same procedure said the pain was worse than childbirth. So for years I lived with the tingling, the swelling, and the discomfort.”—Robyn J.

Fortunately, today we can treat Venous Insufficiency with a minimally invasive procedure called VNUS Closure. The procedure itself is completed in a matter of minutes in an office setting. Closure is covered by most insurance plans and patients can return to normal activity or work the same day.


The Closure Procedure treats venous insufficiency, the underlying cause of Varicose Veins. The procedure works by closing the damaged veins below the skin surface that allow abnormal pressure to build in the bulging skin veins. After the malfunctioning veins are closed with the minimally invasive catheter treatment, venous pressure is redirected back into the healthy veins of the leg. With correction of the abnormal pressure often the bulging veins at the skin surface may flatten and fade. Any residual veins may be addressed with cosmetic techniques such as Sclerotherapy once adequate time has been allowed (6-8 weeks) to assess the response following Closure. Hear from one of our patients, Violet, who just received treatment from our Columbia office: “I have to say, I was very nervous about having VNUS Closure done but I knew it was something that was very much needed for my health. From the first screening visit, I knew this is where I wanted to have my procedure done. The closure procedure itself was very comfortable, very relaxed atmosphere, and very friendly staff .”—Violet H. Visit the website at to view before and after pictures, along with patient testimonials.


Since 2005, the physicians at MVP have performed more than 10,000 VNUS Closure Procedures, an experience unmatched in the country. MVP was one of the first practices in the region to perform the procedure to treat venous insufficiency. MVP is now one of the busiest practices devoted to vein care on the East Coast. Dr. Calure is Board Certified in both Cardiovascular and General Surgery and Dr. Lingelbach is Board Certified in both Vascular and General Surgery. “With the new technology available today, there is no need for anyone to suffer with venous insufficiency.” MVP is also a National Center of Excellence for minimally invasive vein care, and he has trained many other physicians from across the United States and internationally in the latest treatment techniques. At Maryland Vein Professionals, we advocate a strictly minimally invasive, non surgical treatment approach. We have seen many patients who were told that they must under go a form of vein stripping called phlebectomy. This procedure where the skin is cut and the veins are excised surgically. While it is true that this may be necessary in rare cases of complex anatomy or severe, longstanding disease; we find that the vast majority of patients can be successfully treated without surgical vein stripping.


“Spider Veins” or telangiectasias are an early sign of venous insufficiency that appear when tiny skin veins, previously invisible, become engorged and enlarge. We evaluate many patients who present for treatment of spider veins, who have had these treated where only cosmetic appearance was addressed, only to see reappearance after 6-12 months. Worse still, some who opt for superficial treatments of leg spider veins exchange the veins for dark blotches in the skin. The underlying problem is never considered or treated. A careful specialist ultrasound evaluation will usually show a deeper source of reflux in the single source vein.

Sclerotherapy is the traditional treatment for spider veins. This is typically a cosmetic treatment, intended more for visual improvement. With this minimally invasive treatment a medication is injected into the tiny veins to clear them. We offer all FDA approved medications and techniques of sclerotherapy.

Maryland Vein Professionals is now proud to offer VeinGogh® as a treatment option for fine spider veins in the absence of deeper venous insufficiency. This is a new treatment modality for the finest of spider veins that have a reddish, thread-like appearance. On occasion these veins are too small for conventional cosmetic sclerotherapy as these veins can be smaller than the sclerotherapy needles!