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Dr. Vernon Sheen

Sep 29, 2011 06:36PM ● By Anonymous

The Annapolis Center for Dental Health and Wellness, located in the St. John Properties on Bestgate Road in Annapolis, has been home to the dental practice of Dr. Vernon L. Sheen since 2002. After nearly 12 years of practicing dentistry as part of a group in Annapolis, Dr. Sheen selected the building as the ideal location to create his own dental practice, one that would offer exceptional quality and service in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Today, with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Sheen is proud to have assembled a team that is just as educated, informed, and dedicated as he is.

Dr. Sheen and his office are well respected throughout the dental community for the quality care they provide to their patients. Recent medical studies suggest that infections in the mouth can put a patient at greater risk for developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, preterm birth, and respiratory disease. Accordingly, the Annapolis Center for Dental Health and Wellness approaches dental care with the understanding that oral health is integral to a patient’s overall well-being.

Dr. Sheen and his staff offer an array of services, including preventative care, restoration, cosmetic treatments, and minor surgical procedures. Using some of the newest and most cutting-edge technology, the Annapolis Center for Dental Health and Wellness is able to provide patients with comprehensive dental care efficiently and with minimal discomfort. Dr. Sheen has logged more than a thousand hours of continuing education during his career in an effort to keep abreast of the latest tools and strategies for addressing a patient’s clinical and cosmetic needs. He is Invisalign-certified and is trained in dental implant procedures that range from single-tooth replacement to the procedure dubbed “Teeth in a Day.” The Annapolis Center for Dental Health and Wellness is one of the few practices in the region that utilizes computerassisted smile design and dental restoration manufacturing—tools that greatly improve the speed and precision of restorative dental work. The stateof- the-art CEREC system used by Dr. Sheen’s practice can create a ceramic crown, filling, or veneer in minutes. The result is a perfect fit, and eliminates the need for multiple office visits.

The staff at the Annapolis Center for Dental Health and Wellness also places a strong emphasis on customer service. Many patients are apprehensive about dental visits, according to Dr. Sheen. He believes that a combination of relaxing ambiance and personal interaction can do much to relieve anxiety. And, indeed, the waiting room feels more like that of a spa than a dentist’s office. What’s more, the administrative staff is attentive and quick to address a patient’s concerns about treatments, costs, and insurance coverage. The combination of skill and care that this team provides would put even the most apprehensive new patient at ease.

Dr. Sheen and the Annapolis Center for Dental Health and Wellness invite you to visit their office to see how they might be able to assist you in realizing your dental goals.