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Beer Madness

Oct 03, 2011 11:04PM ● By Anonymous

There, some 400 or so beer-lovers filed into our tent to sample 16 of the Chesapeake region's finest brews. They'd braved the somewhat gloomy weather, and seemed perfectly happy to get their sample on.

The only disappointed people I saw were those who hadn't gotten their tickets in advance. In most cases, though, spirits quickly turned around when they found out that they could still purchase beer inside the tent. No sample glass, but endless opportunities to buy full bottles. Not too shabby, eh?

That's where I was stationed. Along side Contributing Arts Editor Elyse Exposito, I traded paper tickets for lagers and ales.

We were set up right by the entrance, so we got to say hi to lots of folks as they passed by, and right across from the food, so we had to contend with tempting smells wafting our way. Seriouslypretzels and pizza? I haven't stopped thinking about either since.

As the evening progressed, it seemed like everyone there was having a genuinely good time. The bands were awesome—I particularly enjoyed the upright bass of Swampcandy—and vendors were almost always surrounded by cheerful attendees.

And, from the way Elyse and I were barraged with beer requests, I really couldn't tell which breweries were pulling ahead. I know I have my personal favorites, but I'm sure the world-at-large doesn't completely agree.

Plus, I'd hate to influence anyone. If I have any sway, that is, which is always questionable.

I just checked the Beer Madness website, and most of the match-ups are super close. So, if you have a favorite, vote now! The Sweet Sixteen round ends on October 9th at midnight, and then it's on to the Elite Eight.