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A First

Oct 10, 2011 11:17PM ● By Anonymous

Y'know how it isyou hear about an event, think it sounds cool, and make a mental note to go. Next thing you know, you're glancing over at your calendar, and realize that the super-cool event you wanted to attend happened last weekend. Such is my relationship with First Friday.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I decided to change that. A friend and I were sitting in Play It Again, Sam (Chestertown's best coffee shop), and I noticed the writing on the window advertising Sam's First Friday events.

"We have to go to that," I said. "Seriously, this time." I, Karly Kolaja, was going to attend.

And, guess what. I did it!

At about 6:30, I drove into town and picked up the friend with whom I'd discussed going. We headed downtown, and began searching for a parking spot. Fortunately for C-town, but unfortunately for late-arrivers such as myself, First Friday is pretty popular. With all of the prime parking gone, we had to leave our car at the Waterfront. But, this did give us a reason to do a little walking, so I can now tell people I exercised this weekend without blatantly lying (just slightly exaggerating).

As we made our way along High Street, we stopped to say hi to some of the folks gathering on the sidewalk. The galleries stay open late on First Fridays, and most schedule their receptions for new exhibits on the same night. This seems to draw quite a crowd.

With a hungry companion who had spotted a booth offering cream of crab soup in tow, though, we were destined not to dally. Instead, we made a beeline for the pavement in front of Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company, where the Lemon Leaf Cafe was offering free samples.

And, ohmigod,was it awesome. Warm and creamy, but not too floury, with actual chunks of crab. If the guy handing it out hadn't made a note of how much he liked my coat, I probably would have gone back for more. Alas, there seems to be no hiding in Chestertown.

Afterwards, my friend and I headed across the street to Sam's. Seemed like a fitting thing to do, since it had provided our motivation.

There, we each got our favorite beverages. My friend ordered a bottle of Natty Boh for $2 (fancier beers are available for $3), and I got a glass cup of Sauvignon Blanc for $5. I wish I could remember the name, because it was really delicious. Guess I'll just have to go back, and do some field research, eh?  If whites aren't your thing, though, Sam's offers a wide variety of reds too. Plus, you can buy a bottle of each, if you find one you really like.

After procuring our libations, my friend and I sat outside, and chatted. We listened to the live drifting out from behind the coffee shop, and revereld in our successful attendance. Perfection.

Next time, though, (and there will be a next time), I think we'll have to get there earlier. Free samples seemed to be winding down by the time we arrived. And that is, of course, of great importance.