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Downrigging Weekend

Oct 23, 2011 07:19PM ● By Anonymous
Listen to renowned maritime authors and world class musicians during Downrigging Weekend 2011, presented by the schooner Sultana. From October 27th to 30th, ships, schooners, skipjacks, buyboats, and wooden boats will make their way to the Chestertown harbor for Downrigging Weekend 2011 to celebrate the end of the sailing season.

“This will be our 11th year for Downrigging Weekend and each year we have worked hard to add new wrinkles to the festival to keep it fresh and to keep it growing” says Drew McMullen, president of Sultana Projects Inc. “This year one of the things we are most excited about is the addition of the Downrigging Weekend Wooden Boat Show. In the past, Downrigging Weekend has focused exclusively on large, historic tall ships and schooners. These great ships—like Kalmar Nyckel, Pride of Baltimore II, and Lynx—will always be at the heart of the festival, but this year with the Wooden Boat Show we are also making room for individual owners of wooden boats to bring and display their craft.”

Each day there will be a range of different activities to engage in such as lectures, demonstrations, concerts and more. Thursday will begin with an exclusive lecture on the politics of climate change with Ryan Lizza. Friday will feature the kick-off party including fireworks and an illumination of the tall ships fleet, in addition to a lecture about longitude with New York Times best-selling author Dava Sobel. Saturday there will be a wooden boat show, parade, concert, and multiple demonstrations—but most excitingly, a chance to sail on the ships. Lastly, Sunday will be a family fun day consisting of “battle sail” where kids will again have the chance to ride on the sailboats, a remote control model sailboat exhibition, and trick-or-treating on the tall ships. Drew “We’ve always seen Downrigging Weekend as an opportunity to bring the broader world to Chestertown. Downrigging is our chance to make Chestertown an international port again – if only for one weekend each year,” McMullen explains.

This event is special because its hands-on approach to reviving the historic port creates a deeply enjoyable and interesting experience for visitors of all ages. Sponsored by the Van Dyke Family Foundation, PNC, and Chestertown Marina, this event is sure to be a hit.

Chestertown Waterfront.