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Volunteers Honored

Nov 01, 2011 05:08PM ● By Anonymous

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary celebrated 268,250 hours of service volunteered by 117 members who reached service milestones in 2011. The service awards luncheon was held October 18 at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary service award program recognizes members’ volunteer milestones. During the ceremony Marion Miller and Diane Bisanar were honored for volunteering 16,500 hours, respectively. Other distinguished honorees were Julie Wojcik for 16,000 hours, Elizabeth Lechthaler and Dolores Mothershead, who have each volunteered 11,000 hours and Pauline Lane for 10,000 hours.

Other service awards were presented to Nancy Klapka for 9,500 hours; Margaret Blair for 9,000 hours; Carlyn Henschen for 8,000 hours; Susie Booze for 7,500 hours; Joyce Frigon and Joe Schultz for 7,000 hours; Debbie Hayes and Elva Pierce for 6,500 hours; Neal O’Shea and Irene Heller for 5,500 hours; Patsy Fearins and Gail Jenkins for 5,000 hours; Joan Catherwood and Maryalice Halley for 4,500 hours and Sabine Simonson and Terry Stephan for 4,000 hours.

These Auxiliary volunteers were also honored for attaining service milestones: Carolyn Behr, Mary Ann Clark, Codie Codispoti, Camille Kneale, Bob Sausser and Bertha B. Wilson (3,500 hours); Joyce Kent and Mildred Weislogel (3,000 hours); Janet Granger, Edith Hayman, Carol O’Hare, Irene Phillips, Brenda Prettyman and Colson F. Taylor (2,500 hours); Doralice Cassidy, Lorraine Kelly and Frances Sloan (2,000 hours); Carole Anderson, Janette Black, Virginia Blades, Barbara Brown, Esther Burns, Maschell L. Hines and Nan Newcomb (1,500 hours); Doris E. Leverage, Carol O’Malley, Gary Nickerson, Elmer Parkerson, Harriett Riter and Sue Shortall (1,000 hours); Carol Arendse, Art Cecil, Ruth Cecil, Alex Collins, Ethel Mae Cronshaw, Virginia Curtin, Judith Dickhart, Carolyn Gillman, Margaret Green, Emilie Joshi, Audrey Luetters, Donald O’Brien, Anita Rowan and Joan Whiting (750 hours); Shari Anderson, Esther Carr, Anna “Polly” Carroll, Sandy Engle, Nancy Espenhorst, Douglas Gibson, Barbara Lundahl, Christina O’Hara, Mary Ann Ray, Barbara Reinhardt, Mary Shaughnessy, Susan Silver and Arden Somers; (500 hours); Gail Blac, Celia Bodmer, Thomas Cronshaw, Myrna Darragh, Bill Eyring, Pauline Figliozzi, John Furman, Regina Holland, Carol Johnson, Cecelia Laufert, Adrianna Lee, Ethel Palmer, Norman Schied, Edwina Schultz, Mary Seiter, Bonnie Soular, Ann Sprinkle, June C. Sullivan, Daniel Tanner, Joyce Wilhelm, Ann B. Willey, Penny Womack and Eleanor Woolford (250 hours); Peggy Bardelman, Jo Brunner, Kathy Busen, Lynn Coche, Robert Coleman, Sonja Eades, Alice Engle, Barbara Gardella, Frances Goeller, William Griffin, Norman Klug, Leslie Leadbeater, Shirley Merryweather, Barbara Runz and Eleanor Spurry (100 hours).

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